Tools for Power Users

Online Wishlist Creation

If you’ve installed the RW Elephant WordPress Plugin, one of our Online Gallery Snippets, or use the Default Online Gallery, you can take advantage of the Online Wishlist Creation feature.

With this feature turned on, your clients can browse your online inventory and add items to a Wishlist.  We like to think of theWishlist as a “warm-lead-generator” or a place for your Clients to raise their hand and show they’re interested.

Once they’ve added all the items they’re interested in they’ll go to the Wishlist to enter their contact and event information and submit the Wishlist to you.

The default information fields are:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Event Date

With the WordPress Plugin, you can customize the Wishlist and add additional fields. These can’t be made required (though we find the less required info the more likely your clients are to submit a Wishlist). The additional info will populate in the Internal Notes field of the Wishlist Order in your account.

Your client’s will receive a Wishlist Request Confirmation email. You can customize the template for this email in your Account Settings under Email Templates.

You will receive a Wishlist Submission Notification email so you can turn the Wishlist into a Proposal and craft the Invoice to send the client.