Online Wishlist Creation

With this feature turned on your clients can browse your online inventory and add items to a wishlist. This works similar to a cart on an E-commerce site.

Related Items

Pair items that work well together within your Online Gallery. By using “Related Items,” you can guide clients through your Online Gallery as if you were guiding them through your warehouse.

How Changes Impact Existing Orders

You may have noticed that when you make changes to your Account Settings or edit certain Inventory Items those changes do not automatically update Existing Orders. Since specific changes can drastically alter an Order, we have created a few safeguards to make sure Existing Orders do not update automatically.

Rental Rate Multipliers

If you rent your inventory for prolonged periods of time and adjust your prices based on the length of the rental then you'll want to utilize Rental Rate Multipliers.

Alternative Off-the-Shelf & Restock Times

Alternative Times allow you to add additional Off-the-Shelf & Restock Times for individual Items on an Order by Order basis.

Archiving Items

You may have items in your RW Inventory that are in fact no longer in your collection. In these instances you may want to Archive your items.

Archiving Orders

Order Archiving will help your staff save time wading through Completed Orders and also will speed up the performance of your RW Account, especially if you have 100+ Orders.


The Subrental tick box allows you to distinguish which Items belong to you and which Items you Subrent from an outside source. 

Discounts v. Promotional Credit

Some customers have exclusive access to Discounts or Promotional Credits. Let's talk about the difference between the two.

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