Tools for Power Users


Many rental businesses subrent items from other providers in order to fulfill their clients’ needs. RW Elephant includes Subrental functionality.

The Subrental tick box allows you to distinguish which Items belong to you and which Items you Subrent from an outside source. 

Navigate to the “Items” icon in the upper left corner. 

Select an existing Item or create a new Item. 

Select the “Detail” tab. 

If creating a new Item, include the Item Name, Category, an Image, Rental Price and any other info as you normally would. 

To mark an Item as a Subrental, tick the “Subrental” tick box in the bottom right corner of the Item.

subrent SS1

Also be sure to include the Origin of the Item so you know where you get this piece from. 

subrent SS2

You’ll be able to add Subrental Items to Orders just like any other Items. 

Once you start using Subrentals, you will need to pull the Subrentals Report on a regular basis to be sure you’ve reserved those items from your supplier.