Set Yourself Apart With Invoice Styles

Your invoices don't have to be boring. Let's find a style that makes your brand shine!

Among the first experiences a Client will have with your brand is through your Invoices. Here at RW Elephant, we want to support your creativity, even in your Invoicing.

With RW Elephant, choose between three different Invoice Styles to best fit your brand. We’ve thoughtfully curated each template based on the varying needs of a rental business.

These three styles are: Modern, Clean, & Formal

Modern is the default for all Invoices and is designed to bring clarity and readability.

The Clean Style is more compact with repeating Order detail down the left side of each page.

Lastly, the Formal style is for rental businesses who want to communicate a certain level of professionalism in their invoicing. This style offers a cover page and a more minimal feel from page to page.

With each of these styles, we offer the ability to modify most labels throughout the Invoice to communicate in a way that matches the tone of your brand. Also, hide or display various sections of the Invoice to your liking.

Beyond the changes you can make within RW, we also offer fee-based Modifications & Customizations to give our users more flexibility in their customer-facing communications.

Modifications are changes to one of the three previously mentioned styles. For instance, remove the Coordinator field altogether, add the Replacement Cost to each line item on the Invoice, edit the verbiage of the Payment Box, etc.

A completely Custom PDF allows you to start from scratch. We want to help you create the experience you want for your Clients.

We recognize that as you seek to differentiate yourself and communicate with Clients, your Proposals are what set you apart from your competitors. We’ve talked before about diving deeper into your competitive advantage as a boutique event rental business.

Sometimes this means including three pages at the beginning of your Invoice such as an about page, company history, staff pics, an infographic about what delivery includes, etc. This is all possible with a Custom Proposal.

We want to enable you to curate the sales process that best fits the rental business you’re designing.

Need some inspiration? Here are two different custom PDFs we’ve created:

If a Modified or Custom PDF is up your alley, reach out to us at and we’ll send over the pricing and design guidelines to share with your designer.

Reclaim the creativity in your rental business and showcase what you can do. We’re here for it.

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