Client Spotlight: Event Rental Warehouse Tour with Velvet Rentals

How do you make the most of a small space in your event rental warehouse? Check out how Velvet Rentals maximizes their impact in this warehouse tour.

Whether you have 1000 square feet or 20,000, maximizing your storage space is always a concern as a rental business. In this exclusive tour of Velvet Rentals in Wisconsin, owner Constanza Liborio shows off her well-organized 1200-square-foot warehouse and showroom space.

While they do have additional storage units to house multiples of their collection, Velvet Rentals makes sure to display at least one of each Item here so potential Customers can catch a vision for how their event will look and feel. With clever rolling racks and lots of vertical storage, Velvet Rentals utilizes every cubic inch to showcase their funky pieces for maximum impact. 

If you’re looking for ways to increase efficiency and utilization in your warehouse space, check out these resources:

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