Calculating The Real Delivery Costs In Your Rental Business: Fuel

We’ve covered truck costs, equipment and materials. Now let’s talk about fuel.

Whether you use gasoline or diesel, you’ll want to know what your cost per mile is. In order to get that number, you’ll start with the cost per gallon of fuel and your truck’s average miles per gallon (most box trucks are going to be 6-12 mpg). If you drive a pick-up with a trailer, be sure to calculate your mileage with your trailer in tow.


Calculate your mileage on your own or find mpg for vehicles or box trucks (here or here) online.

While you’re at it, make a list of the top 25 destinations you deliver to. You can do this by writing down particular venues or just the name of cities you frequent. Jot down the number of miles that you’ll drive to get to each of these places too.

Your list may look something like this:

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