A Little Networking Help: Hello Happens

After months of development, we are thrilled to launch our new sister site HelloHappens.com!

Hello Happens was born out of a desire to be able to see all of the upcoming events for the industry in one place. I was debating about going to a grand opening and an association meeting one day and wished they hadn’t double booked. I wished there was an online event calendar for event people. So I made one.

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Networking within the event industry is such an incredibly powerful tool. While social media has made the world smaller, there’s nothing quite like connecting with a fellow event pro over dinner, or a cocktail, or at the valet stand, or when you didn’t expect to.

Some of my most meaningful (and profitable!) relationships within the event industry began during a speed networking session, an industry holiday party, or on an association planning committee. These opportunities to meet people, get dynamic education, find new resources, and elevate my own professionalism have been invaluable.

So here’s the scoop with Hello Happens:

  • Check out the online calendar of Event Events (you know, Networking, Education, Tradeshows, Workshops, Conferences, etc. for Caterers, Venue Managers, Planners, & everyone who works in the special event or meetings industry). You can even view Event Events by region to find out what is happening in your neck of the woods.
  • Follow Hello Happens all over the interwebs to stay up-to-date about what’s happening in the Event industry. Check out FacebookTwitter, & Instagram. I promise to not have identical content in all three places. That would just be lame.
  • Join the Hello Happens mailing list to get a snapshot of what’s coming up in your hood.
  • Submit your own events! Whether you are part of an association, are offering a workshop, or have a grand opening, post it at Hello Happens. We want to help you amplify your invitation. The more content you add, the better the site is for everyone!

Let us know what you think about Hello Happens. We’re eager to help you grow your event rental business with the help of R.W. ElephantHello Happens, and any other tools we can offer you. Hopefully this new online event calendar for the event industry will be a great resource for you as you build connections and expand your rental business.

Happy connecting!

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