Delivery Ticket Text

Delivery Ticket PDFs include two custom text fields that you can use to include your company's policies or utilize as a space for client signature upon receipt.

The custom text fields on Delivery Ticket PDFs appear before and after the line items. You might find this a good place to include a note to your client, sign-off instructions, or any other details that you'd like to remind your crew or clients of when they are onsite.

To add or edit these custom text fields, navigate to the Account icon in the upper right corner of your browser window.

From the column on the left, select "Terms & Conditions."

Select the "Delivery Ticket Text" tab.

Click the green Edit button.

Type or paste the text you'd like to appear above the line items in the first text field.

We suggest that you include any language about responsibility, damages, or other pertinent policies here. You may even want to include a line for the client (or their representative) to sign acknowledging the receipt of the order.

There isn't a character limit in this field but we suggest that you keep it under 500. The size of the text will adjust on the PDF to accommodate your whole message but the more you include, the harder it will be to read.

Use the field below that to include your second custom text. You may use this field to have the client sign upon return of the items acknowledging any damages.

When you've added and/or edited your custom text for Delivery Ticket PDFs, be sure to click on the green Save button at the top of your browser window.

In order to see this text appear on your Delivery Ticket PDFs, be sure to click green Edit then Save buttons on the Order before generating the Delivery Ticket PDF.

Feel free to go back and adjust this text (making your signature line longer or shorter, for instance) as needed. Be sure that any time you edit your custom text, you do the Edit-Save dance on the Order to refresh your Delivery Ticket PDF.