Updates & Announcements

NEW! Alternative Off-the-Shelf & Restock Times, iOS App 2.1, and more!

New features comin' at ya!

Alternative Off-the-Shelf & Restock Times

Ever wish you could set Off-the-Shelf or Restock Times on an Item by Item basis instead of just the whole Order?

You’re in luck!

We’ve introduced the ability to pad Items with Alternative Off-the-Shelf & Restock Times to give you more granularity when determining Item availability.

This feature requires an Admin to enable. So check out more about what this feature entails and if it’s the right fit for you!

iOS App 2.1

Order Attachments + More Filter & Sorting Options

Those precious floor plans and mock-ups won’t be lost or forgotten on Deliveries any longer!

Now your crews can access Order Attachments on-the-go right within their Delivery Checklists in the iOS App.

Additionally, iOS 2.1 also introduces new filtering and sorting options:

  • Filter Orders by Order Type (Delivery or Will-Call)
  • Sort Orders by Event Date, Delivery Date, or Return Date
App Store

Terms Update Alert

With so many changes in light of COVID-19, many event rental businesses are refreshing their Terms & Conditions to include updated policies.

We’ve made it easier to update Terms an Order by Order basis should your Terms & Conditions need revising. Now you can manually select which existing Orders get updated and which ones keep their original Terms.

Default Online Gallery Revamp

Each Pachyderm & Herd Leader Plan comes with a Default Online Gallery to share their RW Elephant inventory with the world.

Well, the look and feel of this Gallery has gotten a little glow-up…

Magical Specialized Items

We’ve made a few new updates to Magical Specialized Items!

First, we’ve added a new Magical Specialized Item — PERCENTAGE BREAK.

The PERCENTAGE BREAK Item allows you to have a bit more flexibility with Percentage Items on an order and what Line Items they apply to.

Second, Magical Specialized Items now also help organize your Image Pages on Invoice PDFs as well as Delivery Tickets

What else?

  • iOS App 2.1 – Order Type + Venue displayed with Order detail in Orders & Deliveries
  • Bug Fix for Contacts jumping when creating a new Contact