If you rent your inventory for prolonged periods of time and adjust your prices based on the length of the rental then you’ll want to utilize Rental Rate Multipliers.

Create multiplier rental rates for different lengths of rentals. For instance, your rate for 0 to 24 hours = 1.00, >24 to 48 hours = 2.00, >48 to 72 hours = 3.00, and so on.

Begin by setting your multiplier rates. Go to your Account Settings. Select “Rental Settings” from the column on the left.

Click the green “Edit” button.

The Minimum Hours will always be >0 and the Maximum Hours will be ∞.

You edit the Maximum Hours which will then set the Minimum Hours of the next range.

For example, if you double click on “24” in the first row and change it to “36” and press enter then the Minimum Hours in the second range will automatically change to “36”.

If you want to add more ranges type the Maximum Hours in the field and click “Add”. RW will automatically fit this range into the ranges that have already been created.

The second step is to set the multiplier rates.

Double click on the multiplier amount, (1.00, 2.00, etc). Enter the amount you want the price of you inventory to be multiplied by. For example a Dumbo Chair that normally rents for $100 for a one day rental will be rented for $200 if the rental is for two days.

To remove a rental range select the range in the box then click “Delete Selected”.

When you’re finished click the green “Save” button.

When you create an order and set the Off-the-Shelf and Restock times for the order and it’s longer than your first Maximum Hours range a pop up window will pop up to ask if you want to set the Multiplier for the range you’ve set up in your settings. You’ll see the Multiplier at the bottom of the list of Event times.

Please Note:

RW is determining the range based on the Off-the-Shelf and Restock times not the Event Start and End times. This is because your client may receive the order the day before the event and not have it ready for pick up until the day after. You want to get paid for the time your item isn’t available for other orders.

You can change the multiplier rate on an order by order basis. When editing the order double click on the Multiplier amount and type the rate you want for the order. You’ll see the Multiplier applied to each Item in the Line Items tab. Multipliers only apply to Rental Items, they do not apply to Conceptual Items.