RW Elephant 201

Payment Due Dates & Amounts

Configure your default Payment Due Dates & Amounts within your Account Settings. You can, however, manually change dates and amounts on any particular Order.


Within the Payment Tab of an Order, you will notice the “Final Balance Due Date” at the bottom of the page. The default Due Date is determined by referencing the rules you have set up within your Order Settings

You can manually change this Due Date on an order-by-order basis. 

Click the green “Edit Order” button. 

Select “Update Payment Options” at the bottom of the Payments page. 

Change the “Final Balance Due Date” to whatever date you would like. 

Click the blue “Save” button. 

Don’t forget to click the green “Save Order” button.


Within Payment Settings determine your initial Required Deposit amount. Keep in mind, that this setting is universal and cannot be changed manually from order to order. 

While you can manually enter a payment amount less than your Required Deposit (as long as it is $0.50 or more) within the RW Elephant application, the Online Payment pages will enforce whatever minimum Required Deposit you have set for all of your Orders.

At times, you may want to require that the Client pay the full amount up-front. For instance, last-minute Orders may occur sooner than your normal Deposit time frame.

In these instances, navigate to the Payments tab of the Order and select Update Payment Options. Then tick the box to “Require full payment online.”

This will update the Payment Link as well as the Invoice PDF so that the Deposit amount equals the Full Invoice Amount.

The Client will not be able to pay an amount less than the full balance.


When sending a Payment Email with the reference tag ##PAYMENT_DUE_DATE##, the due date generated will differ based on the type of Order.

1. Proposal payment emails will generate the DEPOSIT Due Date (otherwise known as the Proposal Expiration Date).

2. Confirmed Order payment emails will generate the FINAL Balance Due