If you’ve been using RW for a little while now, you’ve probably noticed those Red, Yellow, and Green dots that appear on the left of the Orders in the Order section.

These act as a gauge to help you know where your Orders stand.


Just like a Red light, this should make you stop in your tracks.

A red dot indicates that a Confirmed Order has a balance that is past due.

You can see the Balance Due and the Due Date under the “Payments” tab of the Order.

If you want to change the Balance Due Date under “Update Payment Options,” be sure to click the “Save Payment Options” button to make sure your new date is captured.

The red dot will stay with the Order until the balance is paid in full.


A green dot indicates that a Confirmed Order is paid in full.

You can see the “$0” balance under the “Payments” tab for the Order.

The green dot will stay with the Order until it becomes Completed.


A yellow dot indicates that a Proposal is going to expire in the next 3 days.

The yellow dot will remain with the Order until the Proposal Expiration Time passes or the Order becomes Confirmed or Cancelled.

If you change the Expiration Time to more than 3 days away, the yellow dot will disappear.


You can click on the header above the dots to sort your Orders by these gauges.