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Rental Rate Multipliers on Orders

At this point you should know how to Set your Rental Rate Multipliers in the Rental Settings to see how to set your default Rental Rate Multipliers for all Orders.

Perhaps you’ve worked out a special deal with a client that doesn’t fit in with the rate multipliers you’ve set up in your account settings.

For these instances let’s talk about how to change the Rental Rate Multiplier on an individual order.

Go to the applicable order you need to adjust.

Click the green “Edit Order” button.

In the Multiplier field just below the Expiration Time field click on the amount and enter the rate multiplier you would like to apply to the order.

Click the green “Save Order” button. You’ll see the adjustment in the line items tab.

Please note that you cannot adjust the rate multipliers of individual items on an order. What you may want to do in that case is adjust the Line Item Price for the items you want to adjust.