Super Simple Step-by-Step Set-up System

Conceptual Items

In this video, we’ll explain how to use Conceptual Items within RW Elephant. To review, Conceptual Items are intangible things you add to an Order like Fees and Discounts.

In lots of ways, within RW Elephant, Conceptual Items act a lot like Inventory Items—you create them in the Items section, they have names, acquisition dates and quantities. You can add tags to them for searchability. Conceptual Items can be added to Orders and show up on Reports. They can be taxable or nontaxable.

There are a few ways that Conceptual Items differ from Inventory Items within RW Elephant, however.

  • First of all, they don’t get their pictures taken… because they are intangible. Meaning you can’t touch them. Or see them really. So even if you did take their pictures, they would look pretty… blank.
  • On Orders, Conceptual Items have a default quantity of one and multipliers do not apply to them.
  • In addition, Conceptual Items can be Percentages like a 10% Damage Waiver Fee or a 25% off Discount.

Try doing that with an Inventory Item.

We’ve already pre-populated your RW Elephant account with a bunch of common Conceptual Items. They are in the “Fees” Category. You can rename that Category or leave it there; whatever you prefer. You can also create additional Categories and move these Conceptual Items around. Maybe you’ll want your Discounts separated from Fees, for example.

Start with these Conceptual Items or delete ’em all and start from scratch.

Let’s begin with the Delivery Fee.

Navigate to the “Items” icon in the upper left corner of your browser window.

From the left column, select “Fees.”

From the second column, select “DELIVERY (t).”

This has been set up as taxable. That’s why we’ve include the “(t)” in the name to help you distinguish later on your orders. The “(t)” isn’t necessary but we think it is helpful.

Start by clicking the “Edit Item” button.

Then click on the “New” button to add a Quantity Change Event.

In the pop-up window, add an acquisition date. Make sure this is BEFORE any orders you want to use the fee on. For instance, if you plan to use RW Elephant for all of your orders within this calendar year, you’ll want the acquisition date of this Delivery to be December 31st of last year or earlier.

Include a quantity. Since Conceptual Items can be used simultaneously on multiple orders, we suggest you include a large quantity like 1000.

There shouldn’t be any cost associated with Conceptual Items.

Click the “Enter Quantity Change” button and your quantity will appear for the Item.

If the Conceptual Item has a default price (like $100), you can include that in the “Rental Price” field. Otherwise, you can leave it blank. Either way, you’ll be able to change it on an order-by-order basis.

Now head to the Item Settings button to the right of Item Name.

Under the Item Type drop down, be sure “Conceptual Item” is selected.

Also “Apply primary sales tax” should be ticked since our Delivery fee will be taxable.

Click the blue “Confirm” button.

Lastly, click the “Save Item” button and you’re all set.

Continue to Edit, Delete, or Add Conceptual Items to this Fees Category or other Categories as needed.


You’ll notice a few other pre-populated Items in your Account—HEADING, BOLD HEADING, TEXT. These are what we call Magical Specialized Items. We’ll get into these later, but you’ll likely want to keep these around to spice up your Invoices down the road.

What’s that? You want to know about Percentage Fees and Discounts? We’re so glad you asked…