Episode 2

Paisley & Jade Founders Discuss The Mistakes New Rental Businesses Often Make

Morgan Montgomery and Perkins Morgan tell the story of founding Paisley & Jade Rentals in Richmond, Virgina. You’ll hear about the surprise encounters and rookie mistakes they made which paved the way for their eventual leadership in the event rental industry.

What’s in this episode:

  • How Morgan and Perkins got started—through the catering business.
  • Early missteps in vetting professional partners.
  • Rules for expanding a rental collection.
  • The relationship between personal growth and business growth.
  • Traits that have contributed to the Paisley & Jade team’s success.
  • Moments of celebration in Morgan and Perkins’ rental adventure.


“She pulled together an incredible business plan as if to reassure me before I made that leap.” – Perkins Morgan

“We were smart enough to be successful but dumb enough to not really know what was coming at us.” – Morgan Montgomery

“[Smaller rental companies buy] inventory because it’s cheap, but not because it fits a particular style or aesthetic that they’re grooming into a collection. And we suffered that same mistake.” – Morgan Montgomery

“I think it’s interesting when an outsider’s point of view recommends something that you never thought of, but instantly clicks.” – Perkins Morgan

“As our business evolved we evolved who we were working with and who was the best fit as we continued to learn and grow.” – Morgan Montgomery

“Why it’s worked is definitely a yin and yang dynamic…we are super, super different. But have a lot of respect for why we’re different.” – Perkins Morgan

“You have to make the right choices for you and for your team…and sometimes that requires being uncomfortable, which we’re not necessarily good at.” – Morgan Montgomery


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