Episode 1

Event Industry Pros Share Their Real-Life Rental Nightmares

Welcome to the first-ever episode of the Trunk Show hosted by Allison Howell and brought to you by RW Elephant. On this podcast, you’ll hear from founders of leading event rental companies about their rental adventures. To celebrate our first episode, we bring together a handful of the marvelous people you’ll meet in the industry and discuss their true-life, down-to-the-wire, oh-my-gosh-no-way rental nightmares.

What’s in this episode:

  • How a dream event for Coral Lane Event Rentals turned into a nightmare.
  • How Borrowed Charm Events, Rentals & Styling recovered when their most popular sofa got damaged right before an event.
  • How it helps to be upfront and transparent with clients about their expectations.
  • How Paisley & Jade turned a stranded delivery into event magic.


“Our crew is lugging these huge vintage sofas and things down a cliff, over a little bridge over a pond to the ceremony space in the heat of Texas summer, mind you. So, oddly enough, our biggest dream turned into our nightmare.” – Lindsey Abell

“If you didn’t Instagram it, it didn’t happen.” – Allison Howell

“I learned being in the wedding business and doing as many weddings as we do [that] no one reads contracts and so by being upfront and transparent with what they can expect, it makes us safer on the back end if something does happen and people are less quick to jump on social media or just jump online.” – Angie Martin

“You have one chance to get it right in a very short time period with no option for mistakes or things to go wrong. You have to be able to think on your feet.” – Allison Howell

“They looked at it and they were like, ‘You got 600 bucks? We could get this guy moving.’ I’m like, ‘Take my money. Take my money.” – Morgan Montgomery

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And our guests:

Lindsey Abell & Natalie Peterson
Coral Lane Event Rentals | Instagram

Angie Martin
Borrowed Charm Event Rentals & Styling | Instagram

Morgan Montgomery & Perkins Morgan
Paisley & Jade Specialty Rentals | Instagram

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Allison is the sales & marketing brain of RW Elephant. She spends a lot of her time interacting with users, plotting about how to improve the software, and consulting with niche rental businesses about how to get better at what they do.

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