Give your collection the attention it deserves!

You've carefully curated an amazing rental collection. Now, you just need a straightforward and dependable process to manage all of those event rental beauties. With RW Elephant by your side, your future self will thank you. We promise.

Reliable Inventory Tracking

Reliable Inventory Tracking

You'll always know what's in your rental collection, where it's headed, and when it's available for rent. Let RW hold all the details in mind so you don't have to.

Always find what you're looking for

Always find what you're looking for

Add items, pictures, measurements, descriptions, and tags. Your searchable inventory database will make finding just the right piece for your customers easy-breezy. Check pricing and availability quickly. Your Inventory Manager is going to love you for it.

Showcase your rentals from every angle

Showcase your rentals from every angle

Show off your collection by uploading gorgeous images for each of your pieces. From pictures with consistent backgrounds to photos in-use at real events to styled shoots, inspire your future clients by showing them just what your rentals can do.

Have confidence in your collection

See how individual items and your collection as a whole are performing so you can make informed decisions on what to buy more of, what's renting, and what's actually making you money.

Natasha Tobias-Cooper, Natasha's Weddings & Events

“This is by far the best invoicing/inventory system ever invented. I don't know how I would manage my business without RW. On top of the ease and simplicity of this program, the staff/support team are out of this world. I have never yet to date worked with a company that had such an amazing team. I would never operate a business like mine without RW.”

Natasha Tobias-Cooper,

Natasha's Weddings & Events

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