Three Reasons you Should Pay Attention To Product Descriptions

As a rental business, you have the opportunity to entice your clients on two levels at once. While part of your appeal is the ability to rent (rather than buy or do-it-themselves), you also want customers to choose the specific products you’re offering.

Here are three reasons you should include detailed product descriptions for your rental inventory.

  1. Product descriptions ensure that your customers know what they are getting. Clearly setting their expectations up front will raise customer satisfaction in the end. Use the opportunity to describe your product and paint a picture of what your customers can expect.
  2. Robust product descriptions can improve your search engine optimization. While your target market might not typically come from Google, having unique and thorough product descriptions will help you show up in online searches. You can’t trick search engines in order to get to the top of the list. Instead, focusing on helpful descriptions of your rental inventory will make your site useful, and therefore, more searchable.
  3. Great product descriptions allow you to suggest complementary or similar pieces. If your customer comes to your website looking to rent a table, they might be interested if you also mention the coordinating chairs in passing. Sharing ideas for how the product could be used will help customers visualize their own need for the product.

Instead of “generic widget,” consider a product description that includes color, size description, possible uses, and ideas for similar items. Don’t waste the opportunity you have to capture your customer’s attention. In addition to an online inventory gallery with great pictures, create compelling product descriptions that will help you and your products stand out.

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