Three Posts Every Event Rental Business Should Have On Their Blog

Looking for Content Ideas for your Event Rental Business Blog? Look no further than these three must-have posts for your boutique event rental business.

When it comes to getting long-term attention for your event rental collection and business in general, there’s no better way to spend your efforts than on your own company blog. Wedding pro SEO expert Sara Dunn says, “Blogging is critical for keeping your site fresh, increasing your keywords used, increasing time on site, and getting more social mentions and links.” The content you create on your blog helps Google like you today and lives forever so it continues to pay dividends over time. 

Side note: Want to know how often you should be posting on your blog? Check out our RW webinar with Sara Dunn: “Is SEO Worth It? Insights for your Event Rental Business.”

Additionally, having useful content on your site can increase your ability to point your own customers to your expertise. When customers ask a question, showing them a blog post you’ve written on the topic demonstrates that you’ve dealt with the problem before and assures them that you’re probably anticipating solutions to their other concerns as well. 

While every boutique event rental business loves to blog about real weddings and styled shoots they’ve been part of, consider adding some other helpful posts that your customers will benefit from as well. 

Seat Height

Show you know your stuff by posting about the height of different seats in your collection. Many customers like the idea of mixing and matching pieces that have a similar color palette for a lounge but when it all comes together, some guests are sitting on a low bench while others are in a higher, more formal chair and it’s awkward. Explain this visually in a post for your customers so they can see you know which pieces go together best. 

You can also do a similar post (or within the same post) about different chairs and dining tables. While many customers want a special chair for their sweetheart or head table, upholstered chairs often are too low to work at a traditional dining table. Use pictures and text to show the best options in your collection so customers and potential customers can actually see what chair and table combos would work best for them. 

Creating a Ceremony Focal Point

Use your brand voice to talk about creating a focal point for a wedding ceremony. Whether you’re explaining what your design process is like or giving tips for DIY customers, highlight what it takes to make a ceremony focal point beautiful. Mention your rental pieces, florals, microphones and other sound equipment, the officiant, and key moments in the ceremony (giving of the bride, the vows, the kiss, etc.). Demonstrate your expertise and that you’ve thought through every detail from all the angles. Be sure to also address how the space can be used after the ceremony for portraits of the wedding party and families. 

By walking customers and potential customers through all of the elements you consider when putting together a ceremony focal point (and giving lots of visual examples), you’ll help them see that the value in working with you is not just about access to the things you have in your collection but to the knowledge you have of events and the industry. 

Setting a Table

Tradition dictates that the fork always goes to the left of the plate but in today’s world, tradition isn’t always the trump card. Show your customers and potential customers you know the rules (and when to break them) by having examples of lots of different kinds of table settings on your blog. Perhaps you show one traditional setting with a modern style and then a picture with all the silverware tied together or rolled in a napkin. 

Posts like this allow you to reuse images from other real wedding or styled shoot posts you’ve already done but also show you know what you’re talking about. By sharing some of the intentionality behind your designs, customers can see your work isn’t just random or hit-or-miss. You are thoughtful and can be trusted to execute excellent events time and time again. 

By thinking strategically about your blog, you’ll be able to showcase your collection and your expertise. While customers love to see real events and inspiring styled shoots, posts that round up several ways to use the same piece or give them ideas for how to style a particular area of their celebration can be just as valuable. 

Don’t Stop With A Single Post

You’ll want to promote your blog content on your other social media channels like Instagram posts, reels, and TikTok. Don’t forget to create pins for each of these posts on Pinterest as well. If you’ve wondered about how to optimize the use of Pinterest for your event rental business, you’ll want to check out Gabby Pinkerton’s Lend & Gather 2022 presentation “Using Pinterest to Strategically Grow Your Event Rental Business.”

We hope these ideas themselves bring lots of traffic and customers your way. But we also hope we’ve encouraged you to think about using posts to educate your customers about your capabilities, highlight your ideal rentals (average order size, preferred lounge groupings, scope of services, etc.), and instill confidence that you know and can meet your customers’ needs. We hope you’ll use this powerful tool to your strategic advantage.

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