The RW Elephant WordPress Plugin Has Arrived!

One of the most popular features of R.W. Elephant’s mighty inventory software for rental businesses is the online public inventory gallery.

Our galleries allow companies to display their inventory collections online without extra steps or uploads. Simply add an item to your R.W. Elephant account, tick the “Display in public gallery” box and Voila! Your new pieces are displayed for the world to see.

Inventory Gallery

Until now, our default online gallery has been a low-maintenance solution for companies wanting to display their inventory online. Today, we released our brand new RW Elephant WordPress Plugin. This Plugin allows users with WordPress-based sites to customize their online gallery in a snap.

Simply installing the Plugin will allow users to match their gallery to the style of the rest of their site. Further tinkering will allow them to customize what is displayed and how it is arranged.

Don’t have a WordPress site? Never fear! You can still access our public API to customize your gallery or use our default gallery with no extra set-up. The Plugin is the simplest way to get the continuity you’re looking for but we want you to make use of the online gallery however you can. Your customers will love to browse your wares, dive deeper into your site by accessing inventory tags, and dream of how they can use your rentals. Displaying your inventory in an online gallery makes visualizing their rentals that much easier!

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