Resources You Need to Succeed

If you’re looking to grow your Event Rental Business this year, check out these resources we’ve created to help you get to the next level!

Identify where you’re at and what you need to get to the next phase with our Life Stages of an Event Rental Business Infographic. You’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what stage you’re in and what tools you need to continue your growth. 

Learn from your peers in The Trunk Show Podcast where we interview boutique event rental business owners about their rental adventures

Consider your sales process and customer journey in our Step-by-Step Rental Booking Blueprint Webinar.

Find out the 5 Mistakes Event Rental Pros Make in a Box Truck in our Webinar so you can avoid them!

Get SEO Insights for Event Rental Pros in this Webinar with Sara Dunn and Allison Howell.

Elevate your rental game with expert insight inside our prerecorded conference Lend & Gather 2022 Online.

Sharpen your skills in MarketingManaging EmployeesOperationsEntrepreneurship, and more with The Elephant in the Blog.

Thinking about expanding to a new region? Considering buying a competitor’s rental business? Join our Event Rental Businesses For Sale Mailing List to stay in-the-know about rental businesses that are for sale (or list yours and let us spread the word).

Looking to increase your average order size this year? Use these Rental Checklists to suggest additional options your customers will love. 

Overwhelmed by where to start with organizing your inventory? Check out our Inventory Input Cards and these steps to get you on the road to a tip-top warehouse.

Speaking of your warehouse… need a system to whip yours into shape? Try our 5S Event Rental Warehouse Guide!

And this is the PERFECT time of year to take a hard look at all of your rental collection. Has it been pulling its weight and paying its rent? Validate your hunches with our Utilization & Liquidation Worksheet.

If you need help along the way in any of these categories, don’t hesitate to reach out. We love hearing about your rental adventures and can’t wait to connect! Give us a shout at

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Ready to level up in your Event Rental Biz?

We’ve created What’s Next For Me? Life Stages of an Event Rental Business to help you grow in whatever stage you find yourself in.

Identify which phase you’re in and what tools you'll need to scale up in your rental business.

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