Recipe For A Successful Event Rental Business: Story

Why do you do what you do? Are you obsessed with weddings? Do you live for creating spectacular environments at events? Do you lay awake with excitement waiting to see it all come together?

Or are you working hard to put your kids through college by renting out your collection of vintage pieces inherited from your grandmother? Is your family the center of your focus?

Maybe you are an artist and you’ve always wanted to work for a company that values creativity in their employees. Instead of continuing the search for the ideal employer, you started it. Did you create this business to support and encourage artists and creatives in your community?

Were you inspired to start an event rental business so you could connect with brides & corporate clients to generate awareness and donations for breast cancer research? Do you view your enterprise as a platform to further your cause?


Any of these elements may be part of your story; what motivates you in your rental business. Your values, your strengths, and your dreams all come together in this enterprise. You’ve created something out of nothing for some reason. That’s the basis of your story.

Telling this story to your customers is an essential part of building your successful event rental business. In order to set your business apart from everyone else, you’ll need to share your story with your customers. When they know your story, what makes you tick, what you’re committed to, they are no longer renting chairs. They get to become part of the story with you. And that is something your competition can’t duplicate.

The first ingredient in your successful event rental business will be to identify your story and start telling it.

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