Getting More Out Of What You’ve Already Got

As creative entrepreneurs, it can be tempting to think about the next big styled shoot, instagram campaign, lookbook, or promo push we should do in our event rental business but before we start marketing your event rental business from scratch, let’s make sure we’ve been able to squeeze everything we can out of the assets we’ve already created. 

Let’s face it, marketing your event rental business by creating new content is expensive and time-consuming. Sure it is super fun but it can be a big time suck and tank our bank accounts if we aren’t careful. While I think you need to have a clear plan for when and why you do all of your marketing efforts, once you’ve spent all the blood, sweat, and tears to make something beautiful, I want to make sure you get it out into the universe for everyone to see before you start your next brilliant project. 

So, let’s say you just did a styled shoot with a planner and florist you’ve never worked with. It was great. The venue was great. Everything was great. You get the pictures back and they’re… great! 

You repost the Instagram post from the planner and the florist. You also repost their stories. You created your own Instagram post and story about the shoot too. You had already created a BTS reel on the day-of. You even made a blog post with the images that include your pieces so they can live forever on your website. 

Are you done? No way, Jose! 

We’ve still got a lot of ways to promote that EXACT SAME MATERIAL. You can get way more mileage out of this shoot before you start scheming about the next one. Remember, at RW Elephant, we’re all about maximizing Utilization, whether that is with your inventory or your marketing efforts.

Here are some additional ideas for getting the most bang for your event rental business marketing bucks out of those pics: 

  • Add the images to your in-use pictures within RW Elephant. If you’re using our Pachyderm or Herd Leader plans you’ll have four or unlimited images per item so you can show detail shots, pics of the item as an altar, dessert display, and welcome table, all within your Online Gallery. Customers love to see how you’ve styled things in the past so they can get ideas for how to use them for their own celebrations.
  • Speaking of in-use pics, let’s add these pics to some round-up posts on your blog. If you had a copper arch at this shoot, you could add these pics to your round-up post about everything copper in your collection + a post about how to style a copper arch + a post about using metallic touches throughout your wedding. Bam!
  • Make sure you schedule Instagram posts and stories about each of those posts you created above (not just the one about the styled shoot itself). 
  • Use these pics in an email newsletter. Perhaps you want to showcase the blog post about the styled shoot or one of the others you just created. Maybe you’ll feature one of the items you used from your inventory too. Make sure you’re getting that inspo straight to your customers’ inboxes.
  • While you’re emailing people, think about 10 current customers (who already have upcoming orders booked). Shoot them a personal email with a link to one of the blog posts you created and tell them why it makes you think of them. 
  • Do the same with 20 referral sources (venues, florists, planners, photographers, etc.). A personal email that doesn’t require a response but just reminds people you’re thinking about them can have a powerful effect. You can either link to one of the posts above or directly to the piece in your online gallery. Also, it is forwardable so if one of their customers comes to mind, they can send it on over easy-peasy. 
  • Pin the heck out of all of your blog posts and new inventory on Pinterest. 
  • Create a lookbook (digital or printed) for the venue to have on-hand to show their current and potential customers. 
  • Use the images you just created from this beautiful shoot in your own marketing materials (website gallery, printed material like business cards or leave-behind cards).
  • Print some of the images to hang on the walls of your office or showroom to keep inspiring customers who come to your space (or to see behind you in Instagram stories and such).
  • Use a Digital Asset Manager (DAM) like Brandfolder to organize your images including venue information. When potential or current customers are interested in seeing your work at a particular venue, you can easily show them all of the events you’ve done there. 

I’d love to hear your other ideas for how you’re squeezing every drop of marketing power out of the efforts you’re putting in. If I missed something above, please let me know at

Happy renting!

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