Client Spotlight: Event Rental Warehouse Tour with NWE Weddings and Events

Have you ever built your own mezzanine to increase storage space? Take a look at all of the organization hacks NWE Weddings and Events implements in this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their space.

When you run out of space in your warehouse, what do you do? Move to another warehouse? Buy additional storage? The NWE team is not afraid to take matters into their own hands and utilize their available vertical and outdoor space. In this exclusive rental warehouse tour, Natasha Tobias-Cooper, Founder and Owner of NWE Weddings and Events, shares how organization and efficiency is a team effort in their 2,000-square-foot space.

They’ve invested time, resources, and money to label all of their shelves and bins so that each team member knows the location of every Item in their collection. Their systematic packing and restocking process utilizes Item locations within RW Elephant, and their double-check system ensures no rentals get left behind.

Thanks to NWE Weddings and Events for sharing their space with us!

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