Orders Overview and Details iOS App

All Orders can be viewed on the app but only Wishlists can be created.

We're keeping things simple this first time around.

Orders primarily serve two purposes on the RW app version the full desktop version.

1. To review Orders that are already on your account. Edit line items and email an order to a client.

2. To create Wishlists on the fly for further development later.

Viewing Orders

To view your orders tap on the Orders icon on either the Dashboard or side Menu.

You will be brought to a scrollable list of all your Orders arranged by date. Oldest at the top to Newest at the bottom. You'll be brought to the Order closest in date to todays date.

Tap on any order to see it's Event Details, Line Items, and Payments.

The only information you can edit and/or add are the line items.

You can also email the order with a payment link to your clients.

Search Orders.

You can slide your finger up and down the screen to look for the order you need or tap the Search icon in the upper right corner to type the name of your client to pull up their order. Dates and Invoice numbers are not searchable.

To the left of the Search icon is the Filter icon. Tap this and you'll be able to select which Order Types are hidden from your list.

Select as many as you'd like. You will see a blue check mark appear next to each one to let you know it will be hidden. When you're finished tap “Done” in the upper right corner.