Yesterday, I shared about my experience of collaboration trumping competition at Be Sage Conference. I’ve got more lessons to share; today, let’s talk about community.

In this social media-saturated age, it is refreshing to be present with lovely people, isn’t it? People who are passionate about what they do AND want to get better at it— that’s golden. Add the desire to connect and collaborate and you’re off to the races!

At many event industry events, professionals abound but it takes a lot of intentionality to create community. What I found at Be Sage Conference was a sense of vulnerability that doesn't always come through on our phone screens, a local networking event, or even with people who cheer us on but don’t necessarily want to see the hard parts of business ownership. Being with people (rather than just observing them) was powerful.

One way this safe community played out at Be Sage Conference was in the clusters of regional communities represented in the room. There were a dozen people each from Seattle, Chicago, Dallas, and DC. These groups traveled to the conference knowing that people who know them would be there too. And yet, they still shared. They still connected. They still brought honest questions and struggles to the table.

As I reflect on so many things I gleaned from my time at Be Sage, this honesty and vulnerability is one of the best. May we all have spaces to be vulnerable and honest about our businesses and ourselves. May we have opportunities to learn from others as they share their struggles as business owners. I hope that you too have chances to reflect on your event rental business in the company of people who support you but don’t just want to see your latest successes— those who are with you even in the tough decisions, big mistakes, and disappointments.

Check out these images from Barbie Hull of wonderful wedding pros who made this conference such a rich and unique experience.

Be Sage Conference
Be Sage Conference
Be Sage Conference Sponsors
Be Sage Conference truly was a Meeting of the Minds.
Be Sage Conference
Be Sage Conference
Be Sage Conference Group
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