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Update to Line Items: Multiple Instances!!!

​By popular request, we've implemented an improvement to Line Items on Rental Orders. You can now add a particular line item to an order multiple times! Woohoo!

This means that you can add your Item A (quantity 10) at the top of the list of Line Items. And then put another 10 at the bottom of the order. You can even put it on the order 3, 4, 5 times or more.

Here are the details:

You’ll continue to drag and drop inventory items onto your Orders just like you’ve done in the past.

Once the Item is on the Order, you can double click on the quantity to change it to whatever you’d like (same as always).

Then, if you’d like to add the Item to the Order again, simply grab it from the panel on the left and drag it onto the list of Line Items again.

In the past, this would have just increased the quantity of the original line. Now, it will create a second line. You’ll be able to make separate Line Item Notes for each line. You can even change the unit prices of one if you want.

The item will appear on your Invoice PDF wherever you’ve placed it on your list. The item will also show up multiple times on the image pages.

On the Pull Ticket, however, the Items will be grouped together with the total quantities and the individual Line Item Notes for each instance on your order.

On the Delivery Ticket, the Items will be separated again so you can be sure the Items get to the right spot at the event.

We hope this new option gives you more power to create attention-getting Rental Orders for your customers.