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November 2021 Update

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Contact Notes

There’s lots to keep in mind when working with repeat vendors.

How big is the elevator at XYZ Hotel?

Did I promise Planner A a life-time discount or was it Planner B?

Which venue had that awful guard dog?

Now you can get all of this information out of your head and into RW’s Contact Notes. That way, when you work with a Contact next, RW will remind you of all those details.

Check out the new Preferences section within Contacts for more on this new feature.

RW Elephant Invoice PDF highlighting setup & teardown windows

Setup & Teardown Windows

Herd Leaders now have the option to track new Event Windows. In addition to Event, Delivery, & Return Windows, the Setup & Teardown Windows are a bonus field for tracking other important time frames on an Order.

Traditionally, Setup & Teardown Windows are for the onsite crew to setup after delivery and teardown before pickup. If these times differ from Delivery & Return try out the new Setup & Teardown Windows to bring more clarity to your Clients & Crew.

Check out more about Setup & Teardown Windows.

First Payments by Payment Date Report

Like your other favorite payment reports, but narrowed in on First Payments (aka Deposits).

Use the First Payments by Payment Date Report to track initial payments made to Orders within the given time frame.

Find out more about the First Payments by Payment Date Report.


  • Calendar picker for Final Balance Due Date within Update Payment Options
  • Increased Efficiency in Editing Orders
  • Orders now turn to Completed based on last Alternative Restock Time for the Order
  • BUG FIX: Incorrect contacts appearing when Orders initially display