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Starter Plan

  • Up to 250 Inventory Items*
  • 1 Image per Item
  • 10 New Orders per month
  • 1 User
  • No Online Public Inventory Gallery


Basic Plan

  • Up to 1500 Inventory items*
  • 4 Images per Item
  • 100 New Orders per month
  • Up to 3 Users
  • Branded Online Public Inventory Gallery
  • iOS Companion App

Herd Leader

Premium Plan

  • Up to 5000 Inventory Items*
  • Unlimited Item Images
  • 500 New Orders per month
  • Up to 10 Users
  • Branded Online Public Inventory Gallery
  • iOS Companion App
Herd leader exclusive features
  • Rental Reps
  • Additional Display Categories
  • Order Tags
  • Increased Photo Optimization
    (WordPress Plugin)
* Refers to distinct items; any particular item can have a quantity greater than one.
Terri Briones, Miss Belle's Vintage Rentals

“I can't even imagine doing this business without it. RW Elephant understands this type of business and what our needs are. The customer support is also amazing. I don't feel left out here on my own.”

Terri Briones,

Miss Belle's Vintage Rentals

Plans include:


Herd Leader

Stay organized and keep track of all the important info about your Items. From rental price, to where it was purchased, to dimensions, and more!

Upload images of your items for Customers to see on your fancy Order PDFs and to peruse in your Online Gallery.

Speed up the onboarding process by sending us an inventory spreadsheet of your Items for quick and easy importing.

Track which Items are performing well and bringing in the moolah.

Group Items that you frequently rent together in Kits.

Custom Item IDs

Replacement Cost

Rental Price

Predicted Number of Uses

Item Origin

Item Dimensions

Item Volume

Item Description

Tag items to increase searchability on your website and group similar pieces together.

Item Internal Notes

Default Line Item Notes

Item Location

Create up to two custom fields to organize Items even more!

Item Videos


Stackable Items

Taxable and Nontaxable Items

Archive Items that are retired, sold, or damaged to optimize your Account and keep things up-to-date.

Duplicate Items


Herd Leader

Each Plan comes with a specific number of Users. Should you need more than 10 Users, contact our Enterprise team at

Assign each User a role and manage what they have access to within your Account.


Herd Leader

Create Orders that will ensure you never double-book a piece ever again!

Impress your Customers with stunning Invoices that showcase your pieces while keeping things clear and organized.

Add attachments to your Orders to keep everything in one place. Mock-ups? Venue Maps? No problem.

Manage which Sales Reps are responsible for which Orders and track their conversion rates.

Tag Orders for streamlined search and reporting.

As you scale your event rental business, use these Order Windows to communicate to your customers and crew beyond the default Order Times.

Create standard pricing for Orders that span multiple days.

Archive past Orders to improve the performance of your Account and keep current Orders front and center.

Public & Private Order Notes

Order Gauges

Duplicate Orders

Item Usage Quick Display



Herd Leader

Record payments as they roll in whether in the form of Credit, Cash, Check, ACH, or Promotional Credit.

Seamlessly collect payments through Integrated Credit Card Processing. Send customers links to pay their Deposit online and agree to your Terms.

Confirm Orders more quickly by allowing customers to sign your Ts & Cs electronically.

Stop chasing down payments and collect final balances in your sleep through Autopay.


Herd Leader

When you've worked with a customers or Company once, their contact information will be accessible for future events within RW.

Keep track of specific details about repeat customers so you always remember the important stuff.


Herd Leader

Gather the business data you need daily, weekly, every month, and every year through modifiable reports that remember your preferences.

Admins can see performance metrics at-a-glance. From revenue to conversion rates to delivery metrics and everything in between.

See what's on deck for coming Orders and Payments with Dashboard Quick Metrics.


Herd Leader

Export multiple Order PDFs over a given time period in a few clicks to expedite the scheduling process.

Visualize how the coming weeks and months are booked so you can more quickly schedule your crews and trucks.

Stay on top of your Will-Call Pickups & Returns through RW's Planning Calendar mark off feature.

Link your RW Orders to your personal Apple, Google, or Outlook Calendar to keep all the happenings in one place.

Online Gallery

Herd Leader

Share your inventory with customers lickity-split through your branded Online Gallery.

Use one of our integrations with WordPress, Squarespace, or Shopify to display your RW inventory directly on your website.

Allow your customers to jumpstart the Order process by submitting a Wishlist of their favorite Items through your website.

Display Items in more than one category on your website.

Herd Leaders enjoy optimized images that load 3-4 times faster on their website.

Suggest like Items on your website as if you were guiding customers through your warehouse.


Herd Leader

Access your Items & Orders on-the-go. Even create Wishlists as you meet with customers to get a head start on sending them their fancy-pants Proposal.

Track your Items at every stage of an Order through Delivery Checklists from the moment they're pulled off the shelf until they're returned safely back home in your warehouse.

Collect digital signatures as you pass off your pieces. Document damages before they leave the event. Take pictures and jot down notes during the delivery process to communicate to your team.


Herd Leader

Company Logo

Craft your Terms so your customers know exactly what they're agreeing to.

Create consistency with custom email templates to communicate Order-specific information to your customers in one click.

Stay on top of payments at the end of each day through Daily Payment Emails sent to approved team members.

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