Updates & Announcements

New Features as of 16 August 2012

Hope you're not melting in the heat these days. We're providing the latest super cool version of R.W. to keep you refreshed. Here is the rundown:

New Features

1. Easier to use layout in the Inventory Section and the Order Section. It might take a little getting used to but after a couple days, you’ll LOVE it!

2. The Account Section has been split into a tab view. Your Company Info is now separate from your Terms & Conditions. Trust us, this will be WAY better. Graphics on each page explain what to do.

3. You can now upload a new company logo within the Account Section. Just drag a logo onto your existing logo and stand in awe.

4. Invoice PDFs now generate faster, create smaller-more-portable files, have beautiful Terms & Conditions (better font size & spacing) AND also have SEARCHABLE text. Wowee!

5. Deleting photos from the Media Section is finally a reality. Woohoo! Just select the picture (or pictures) you want to delete and click on the Trash Can icon. Poof!

6. Removing inventory items from your Orders is much easier with the “Delete Selected Line Items” button at the bottom of the “Line Items” tab. Select as many items as you’d like and click ONE button to delete rather than having to change the quantity of each individual item. Yippee!

7. Now, if you update the quantity of an Inventory Item (from 4 to 3, for instance), R.W. will check your future orders for conflicts and will not allow the quantity to be decreased to a problem-causing level. Phew! What a load off!

8. Auto-cancel is right around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled for details in the coming days.

We fixed quite a few glitches. We think you’ll be happy campers as a result.

  • Items can be dragged from one Inventory Type to another. This used to be possible but was later broken and is now restored to its former glory.
  • Orders can now be successfully deleted once again.
  • Updating your Terms & Conditions is now WAY more reliable.
  • Searching the Inventory and Orders sections is now more reliable. There are fewer circumstances that will cause R.W. to be unresponsive when you’re looking around.
  • Conflict checking on orders is less aggressive. In this version, a conflict will only be reported if it affects the order you’re ON (not any orders within the off-the-shelf & restock time).

Follow these instructions to harness the power of all this new R.W. Elephanty goodness.

As always, there are a few Known Bugs with this deployment. Here’s the one we think might effect you the most.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback. Please let us know what you think. Be sure to send us a help request (help@rwelephant.com) if you’re having an issue. We hope you love this latest version.

Very warmly,

The Elephants behind RW