Updates & Announcements

February 2023 Updates

We've enhanced a few of our newer features with even more capability.

Custom Email Template Attachments

Loving the new custom email template options? We’ve added the ability to include file attachments to these automated emails.

For instance, include a PDF of your delivery instructions in the email that gets sent out the week of an event. Maybe you rent out linens and want to include care instructions for your customers so they know just what to expect— now you can add that as an attachment.

Upload PDF, JPEG, or PNG files to your custom email templates and RW will handle the rest.

Learn more about Email Templates here.

Order History Notes

Not only does the new Order History feature allow you to track Order changes and emails, but you can now also make notes right within Order History.

Give your sales team more clarity on all that’s happened over the lifetime of the Order, in and out of RW.

Track important phone calls you’ve had with a customer about their event. Notate updates to guest count. Record communication between your team about custom builds for this particular event.

Any notes taken within Order History will be time-stamped and recorded by username.

Find out how to use all the functionality of Order History here.

Other Updates

  • RW Elephant WordPress Plugin Update – Version 2.2.22

    • Fixes for Category Thumbnails
    • Fixes for Item Video
    • Other general bug fixes

  • Bug Fix for Display Price and Invoice PDF discrepancies

  • Enhancements for accented character support