Super Simple Step-by-Step Set-up System

Rental Order Line Items

Once you’ve completed the Event & Contact Detail area of your Rental Order, select the “Line Items” tab for your Order.

Click on the green “Edit Order” button to begin.

In the left column, choose “All Items” or a particular Category of Items.

All Items that are available for this Order will display in the lower section of the left column. Remember that the availability of Items is determined by the Off-the-Shelf and Restock Times of the Order.

Scroll through the list or use the search field to find the first Item for this order.

By the way, are you excited? You should be! This is good stuff happening right here!

In the lower half of the left column, select the Item you’d like to add to your order and simply drag & and drop it on the Line Items list.

If you ever have trouble with Items not showing up or being unavailable, be sure to double check the Off-the-Shelf and Restock Times for your Order, and the Acquisition Date of the Item in question.

Double click on the Line Item Note area next to your Item’s name. Add a note here that you want to appear on the Invoice PDF, Pull Ticket PDF, and Delivery Ticket PDF. It is a note that your clients will be able to see. Line Item Notes have a limit of 255 characters.

When you drag your Item onto your Line Items list, the total available amount will be added to the Order. If you want fewer than all that are available, double-click on the Item’s Quantity and type the new number you’d like to include on the Order.

The default Rental Price you entered for the Item will appear as well. If you’d like to change the Rental Price just for this Order, double click on the “Unit Price” and type the number you’d like to use.

Be sure to add any Fees and Discounts you’d like to appear on the Order as well. Adding Flat Fees and Discounts are pretty self explanatory. They will add to or subtract from the total.

Percentage Items are a little trickier. Percentages (both Fees and Discounts) are calculated based on everything above it in the Line Items list. For instance, a 10% Discount placed after your first Item will only subtract 10% from the first Item. But a 10% Discount at the bottom of the list will take 10% off all of the Items on the Order. But keep in mind that Percentages don’t compound so if you have a 10% Fee and a 10% Discount, they’ll be a wash.

When you do add Percentage Items, you’ll see the “Adjusted Line Item Price” change.

If you only-ever-always collect one Sales Tax Rate and you’ve already set that up in your Account section, you’re good to go.

For those of you who collect varying Sales Tax Rates, you’ll also need to add that to your Order. Find the right Sales Tax Item and drag & drop it onto your Line Items list. You can only have one Sales Tax Item on any given Order. Dragging & Dropping a new Sales Tax Rate will automatically replace any others already on your Order.

Once you have all of the Inventory Items, Conceptual Items, and Tax Items you need on your Order, at the right Quantities, at the right Prices, you’ll be all set.

Click the green “Save Order” button at the top of the screen.

Now you’re ready to see all of those pretty little Items show up on an exciting PDF. Woohoo!