RW Elephant 201

Kits for Items with Multiple Pieces

So you get to your event, ready to set up, and realize you're missing one leg of your beloved farm table. You figure out a solution but promise to yourself that this will NEVER happen again. Kits can make sure you keep that promise.

Kits can be used to keep track of all the pieces of a multi-part Item. For example, your Martha Farm Table requires 1 Tabletop, 4 Wooden Legs, and 4 screws. 

In our example, we created each of these parts as a separate Inventory Item with their own appropriate quantities. 

We included “(Incomplete)” in the name of each Item so that everyone on our team knows never to rent this Item or load this Item by itself.

We’ve put the items in a Hidden Category, “Incomplete,” that is not visible in our Online Gallery

You don’t need to enter a price for any of these Items as the price of the Kit as a whole will be determined later on.

To create a Kit, click on the “Items” icon in the upper left corner of your browser window.

In the left column select the Category in which you’d like to create this Kit (For this example, “Tables”).

In the Items column, click the funky looking asterisk (our Kit symbol). It’s to the right of the (-) button.

You’ll see a “New Inventory Kit” item appear. Select it and click the green “Edit Item” button.

Enter the name for the Kit. For example, Martha Farm Table. 

Include whatever additional information you’d like (Dimensions, Description, Tags, etc. as well as Images).

Enter the name for the Kit. For example, Martha Farm Table.

Now head to the Kit Items tab and drag over all the Items that make up the Kit.

Be sure to double-click on the quantity of each Inventory Item and type the correct number you want included in the Kit. (i.e. 4 legs, 1 tabletop, etc.) You can even include tools like the wrench you crew needs to assemble the table. 

At the bottom of the list you’ll see a tick box that says, “Add Item Prices to determine Kit Rental Price”. Leave this tick box unchecked.

Click the green “Save Item” button at the top of the browser window. 

Navigate to the Details tab and enter the Kit’s Price (i.e. the price of the Martha Farm Table). 

RW will generate the Quantity available based on how many total Kits it can create with the Inventory Items available.

On the Invoice PDF, your client will only see the Martha Farm Table.

Your crew will see each Item on the Pull Ticket.

On the Delivery Ticket, they’ll see both the table as a whole and it broken down into parts. 

Now you never have to worry about remembering all the pieces to your Farm Table or the tools you need to put it together because an Elephant never forgets.

Also see our Rental Unit vs. Set vs. Kit Tutorial for more insight about when to use Kits for your Items.