At RW Elephant we’re all about making the process of collecting and recording payments from your clients easier.

Adding new payments is great because it means you’re bringing in the moola. However, adding a payment incorrectly or by accident is about as useful as monopoly money and will make your accounting a nightmare.

Let’s talk briefly about why you would do either of these actions.

Refunding a payment comes into play when you’ve received a payment from a client but now need to refund a portion or all of that payment. There are a few more steps to that process so we’ll talk about that in the next tutorial.

For now let’s talk about changing or deleting a payment.

Here are some scenarios that might come up when you’ll actually need to Delete a record of a payment:

-You accidentally entered a payment on the wrong order

-You mistakenly used the wrong “Payment Type” when recording the payment

-You entered the payment twice and need to delete one.

Begin by selecting the “Orders” icon in the top right corner of your browser window.

Select the pertinent order from the left column.

Click the green “Edit Order” button.

Select the “Payments” tab.

Select the payment you want to delete.

Double click on the amount (i.e. 750).

Change the amount to “0”.

Please also note that you can use this method to change the amount of the payment (i.e. From “750” to “75”).

Press Enter.

The payment will be deleted.

Click the green “Save Order” button.

Take a sigh of relief. High Five!