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Cancelling a Confirmed Order

In an ideal world, every Order you Confirmed would be make it to Completion. But sometimes circumstances lead to a Cancellation.

Within RW Elephant, Orders start as Proposals and can then become Confirmed (when your customer agrees to your Terms AND gives you a payment) or Cancelled (the customer decides not to move forward with the Order). Once an Order is Confirmed, it will always stay Confirmed (never become “Cancelled”).

This is by-design so you can never accidentally cancel an Order that should remain Confirmed, and also because once you’ve received a payment, you’ll always want to maintain a record of that payment rather than delete it as if it never happened.

But the fact remains that sometimes a customer will want to cancel their Order. If they have already given you a deposit, you can certainly release all of their Line Items for other Orders (and give them a refund as your terms allow), but please note that their Order will always remain “Confirmed” within RW Elephant.

If you need to refund all or a portion of the payment on the Order, see the link below for the tutorial on refunds.

If you don’t need to give a refund, simply add a Cancellation Fee to your Line Items on the Order for the amount you’re keeping and then remove all other Line Items. This way your Inventory Items will be freed up for other Orders.

Once you do that, your “Balance Due” should be $0 and you will preserve a record of the transactions on the Order.

When the Event Date for the Order has passed, the Order status will become Completed.

Now that you know what happens with Cancelled Orders let’s talk about how to Delete an Order.

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