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ShowIt Setup with RW Elephant WordPress Plugin

The RW Elephant Rental Inventory Plugin is compatible with the ShowIt Advanced Blog service.

The ShowIt Advanced Blog service allows users to host a WordPress blog and additional WordPress based Pages which can then be used to display the Inventory Gallery and Wishlist pages of the RW Plugin.

This setup guide will walk you through how to configure the RW WordPress Plugin on your ShowIt website. But first, check out our demo Showit site with the Plugin in action!

Visit our example ShowIt site


You can get started by signing up for the ShowIt Advanced Blog Plan ( and setting up a new design using the ShowIt Builder, choose from a range of pre-made designs that can be customized to your requirements.

Once you have received confirmation of the Advanced Blog setup, you should be able to log in to the WordPress Admin:

Install the RW Elephant WordPress Plugin using the standard WordPress Plugin Installation & Configuration.

Collection Page Example:

Detail Page Example:

Wishlist Page Example:

The Navigation for your Website will be controlled by the ShowIt Builder, you can now amend your current Site Navigation within the Builder to add the new pages created by WordPress that will host the Inventory Gallery and Wishlist Pages.

Add the new Pages to the Navigation if required by selecting the Main Navigation Canvas (follow these steps for Mobile Navigation also if needed):

Add the new Page items to the Main Navigation (“Collection” and “Wishlist” in our example) and set the “Click Actions” to the location of your designated page by selecting the Page or setting the page URL (“” and “” in our example):

You can also repeat the navigation process to add the pages to the Footer canvas also if required.

Publish the new changes to your Website, and you should now see the Navigation update reflected on the live site!