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Recommended Themes and Platforms

From time to time we get asked by our users for recommendations on WordPress Themes that work well with the RW Elephant Rental Inventory WordPress Plugin.

In general, we’ve aligned the development of our Plugin with WordPress conventions and standards to ensure compatibility with as many Themes and Platforms offering WordPress services as possible.

We have noticed however that some of the more complex Themes and Services can sometimes have features and additional functionality that can affect compatibility with external Plugins and Tools.

We have tested the following Themes, Platforms and Services for compatibility and can confirm that they work well with the RW Elephant Rental Inventory Plugin.


ShowIt is a very easy to use Suite Builder with an Advanced Blog Feature that uses WordPress. It allows the setup of additional Pages which can be used to host your RW Elephant Inventory Gallery and Wishlist.

Check out our article ShowIt Setup with RW Elephant WordPress Plugin

Divi and the Divi Page Builder by Elegant Themes

Divi is a WordPress Theme and framework that allows you to construct your design from the ground up. The platform also has designs that can be purchased through a marketplace.

Theme examples:

Genesis by StudioPress

Genesis is a WordPress Theming framework that comes with many built-in features. Users can create a custom Child Theme or customise an existing StudioPress Theme from the marketplace.

Theme examples:

In theory, most Themes and Plugins should be compatible. However, on occasion, some services become available that may step slightly outside the general conventions to achieve specific tasks.

If you are a Theme developer, platform, or have a current WordPress site and would like us to test compatibility with the RW Elephant Rental Inventory Plugin, please get in touch and we would be happy to help!