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Invoice Settings

Invoice Settings allow you to modify the look, feel, and content of your Order PDFs as well as upload default Order Attachments.

Navigate to the Account Icon in the upper right corner of your browser. 

In the column on the left, select “Invoice Settings.” 

Click the green “Edit” button.

The first three tabs to select from are for modifying the look and feel of Order PDFs: Template Style, Template Regions, Template Labels. The Attachments tab is for uploading Attachments to include on all new Orders. 

Let’s talk briefly about what you can customize in each of these. 

Template Style

There are three different PDF style options to choose from. These allow you to pick which is the best fit for your Company. 

From the drop-down you can select from these style options: 

  1. Modern
  2. Clean
  3. Formal
  4. Bold
  5. Minimalist
  6. Traditional

When you select a style, the thumbnail Image will show you what the Invoice PDF looks like for that style. 

Don’t forget to click “Save” when you’ve made your selection. 

When you head back to Orders, make sure to click “Edit Order” and then “Save Order” on any existing Orders you wish to refresh with the new PDFs.

Template Regions

The Template Regions allow you to customize what to include or exclude on each particular Order PDF. 

Wishlists, Proposals, and Confirmed Orders as well as Pull & Delivery Tickets can all be specifically modified. 

You can choose to display or hide the following: 

  • Terms & Conditions
  • Double Signatures
  • Payment Box
  • Item Dimensions
  • Item Description
  • Image Pages
  • Images for Conceptual Items
  • Conceptual Item Quantities
  • Conceptual Items
  • Page Numbers

Ticking the box will INCLUDE the region, whereas unticking the box will not display the region. 

Be sure to click “Edit Order” then “Save Order” on any existing Orders you wish to refresh with the Template Region changes.

Template Labels

Here you can modify the language or verbiage used on your PDFs. 

The standard Default Labels will generate on Order PDFs if you do not make changes in this region. 

If you wish to make changes, type in the box next to the Default Label. For example, say you want to label Phone as “Cell” or Sales Tax as “GST.” Whatever it may be, you have the power to choose!

Additionally, you can edit these Labels to a language other than English. If you would like your entire PDF translated to another language, get in touch with us at 

As always, don’t forget to click “Edit Order” then “Save Order” on any existing Orders you wish to refresh with the new Template Labels.


Upload default Attachments to include at the end of all new Order PDFs. 

Either select the “Attach PDF” button or simply drag and drop the PDF into this field. 

Once the Attachments appear, select which type of Order PDFs to include the Attachments on by ticking the boxes.

Once you’ve added your default Attachments and selected the PDFs to include them on, these will only be included on NEW Orders created moving forward. This is to ensure all existing Orders remain intact. However, Attachments can also be uploaded on an Order-by-Order basis.