Rental Pros choose RW Pay when they are:

  • Annoyed by the hassle of tracking payments in multiple platforms
  • Struggle to bring together all the information they need to make decisions in their business
  • Have experienced or heard horror stories about payouts being withheld or delayed threatening their business
  • Have ever lost a sale because of payment methods or the lack of financing options

Unlike alternatives, RW Pay helps you:

  • View payments and payouts all within RW Elephant
  • Have visibility and confidence that you’ll get your payouts
  • Talk to a human who understands your business quickly
  • Provide financing options to your customers
  • Get capital or operating financing when you need it
  • Focus on growing your business

Benefits of using RW Pay

  • Collect & record payments in a single step (you don’t have to worry about processing payments in one place then record them somewhere else)
  • Get access to Online Payment Pages so your customers can pay online (you never have to touch their sensitive credit card or banking data again but it gets securely stored with their Order)
  • Using RW Pay unlocks E-signatures within RW Elephant so your customers can pay and confirm their Orders in one easy step
  • RW Pay includes Autopay so you never have to chase the final balance on the final balance due date
  • Seamlessly pass on processing fees to your customers
  • Enable ACH Payments (Coming Q3 2024)

Simple Pricing & Payouts

  • Credit Card Processing Fees are 3.15% + $0.30 per transaction.
  • ACH Processing Fees are 1.1% + $0.30 per transaction (Coming Q3 2024).
  • There are no set-up fees, monthly fees, payout fees, or other ongoing fees to worry about.
  • You’ll receive payouts directly to your bank account (less the fees) within three business days of your transaction.


Why should I make the switch?

RW Elephant Pay will have additional features like ACH payments and eventually embedded event and cancellation insurance to protect you from the loss of funds from last minute cancellations

When do I need to make the switch?

All RW Elephant clients in the US will be migrated to RW Pay by December 1, 2024. But if you want the benefits and features, don’t wait-- do it now!

How do I join RW Pay?

Simply apply through your RW Elephant account settings (instructions here). See more about the application process here.

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