Why We Joined The American Rental Association

We’re big fans of industry associations around here. As members of the event industry for the past decade, I’ve seen first-hand how valuable associations can be.

ABCISES, and WIPA have been instrumental in the development of my career. Particularly because they provided networking opportunities, I found local association chapters to be a huge boost to my business over the years.

As a resource for rental businesses in the special event industry, these organizations are helpful but we’ve also recently joined theAmerican Rental Association (ARA). Their motto “To promote the success of our members and advance the growth of the rental industry.” says a lot to us. We are interested in that same goal. We certainly want to see the rental industry as a whole grow (things are looking up for 2014, by the way). We are also very invested in the success of our users. We want to help them become more efficient, more organized, and more profitable in their event rental businesses. It seems like our values align seamlessly with those of the ARA.

In addition to joining an organization with similar values, we also appreciate the incredible benefits the ARA offers its members. As an event rental business, you should consider the education, information, & resources the ARA offers for your business as well. By joining the ARA, you and your business can connect with leaders in the rental industry and gain tons of benefits you won’t find anywhere else.

In addition to all that, the ARA also hosts The Rental Show annually. This tradeshow has tremendous resources for event rental businesses. Suppliers, business tools and education can all be found at this industry shindig. If you’re looking to grow your event rental business, The Rental Show could give you just the tools you need to move forward.

We’re also quite fond of networking opportunities. Don’t stay out on a limb by yourself in this industry. Join a local chapter of the ARA. Find peers. Bounce ideas off people who are in the same boat as you. Make friends with your competitors. We think you’ve got a whole lot more to gain from sharing and connecting than you’ll ever lose.

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