Why Conferences Matter for Event Rental Businesses: Reminders

You know what’s true? People need to be reminded.

I set reminders on my phone to pay bills. I need to write down items for my grocery list the second they come to mind lest I forget forever that we’re out of syrup. I have to remind my son to flush the toilet after he uses it.

“But men are men, sometimes the best forget.”


Be Sage Conference was action packed, full of amazing content, a stellar educational experience, overflowing with collaboration and community. At the end of the conference, I left with a giddy business “I can conquer the world” high.

I had new goals. New knowledge. New perspective. New insights.

But now, less than two weeks later, I’m not feeling quite that same level of motivation. My drive is a little duller than it was in Dallas. I’m not experiencing the buzz I had amongst so many amazing entrepreneurs.

I need to be reminded of those goals, knowledge, perspective, insights.

As part of our sponsorship of Be Sage Conference, we were thrilled to create a Reminder Station. Attendees wrote themselves notes on postcards that we’ll be sending out to them over the next weeks and months. We hope these reminders will help just a little as they work to accomplish their sage goals.

Reminder 1

Reminder 2

Reminder 3

Reminder 4

Reminder 5

Reminder 6

Reminder 7

We also had the honor of sponsoring a lunch at the conference. Debby from Branching Out Events did an incredible job of making the gorgeous French Room at The Adolphus Hotel a lovely environment for deliciousness and connection.

RW Elephant in the French Room

RW Elephant

Without a doubt, attending and sponsoring Be Sage Conference was one of the highlights of our year! Thanks Michelle & Kelly of Sage Wedding Pros for putting together a thoughtful, collaborative, community-oriented, content-rich experience. This conference was one attendees won’t soon forget (at least not when they get their postcards in the mail. 🙂

We’ve got some really exciting opportunities coming in the next few weeks and months for Event Rental Pros. If you’re interested in collaboration, developing community, getting fresh perspective, and growing your business, you won’t want to miss out! Whether you’re an RW Elephant user or not, we want you to get these exclusive invitations. Be sure you’re on our email list so you’ll be the first to know when we share the big news!

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