Why Conferences Matter for Event Rental Businesses: Applied Fresh Perspective

​When Michelle Loretta talks about numbers, you can see her light up. Her accounting brain geeks out and it is quite fun, really.

But not everyone’s brain works that way. In fact, most people in the event industry tend to be more creative than number-crunchy. But that’s what made her Be Sage Conference break-out session on cash flow so helpful— she brought her strengths to a room full of people who don’t get excited about spreadsheets.

Michelle Loretta

Her insight helps event business owners see that their business’ financials aren’t just about numbers. Financials are about everything from marketing to sales, goal-setting to core values, growth to buying new pieces for your collection, your contract terms… Without a clear picture of where you’ve been (financial statements) and where you are going (projections), you’re in the dark as you make all these decisions in your rental business.

Fresh perspective is one of the main takeaways I have from Be Sage Conference. What made it such a powerful educational experience was that the fantastic content was presented in the context of the event industry. Accounting in theory is great. But Michelle was able to talk about expenses specific to event rental businesses developing a buying plan. She knows about the seasonal struggles of so many wedding-centric businesses and was able to advise about creating more stable cash flow.

This kind of expertise becomes invaluable when applied to your specific situation. And while “you don’t know what you don’t know,” Michelle does. What a treat to learn from her math-savvy fresh perspective!

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