What am I grateful for?

Let's just be honest—running an event rental business is Really. Hard. Work.

Finding and buying just the right pieces for your rental collection. Hiring and managing team members who are committed to executing your core values. Knowing when to spend what money where, and how much. Pressure to wear all of the hats.

On top of all of that, you also have a pretty tall order to fill. People hire you for their events. Their one-time events. Events that mean A LOT to them… sometimes it is even the most important day of their lives. There isn’t margin to experiment, forget something, or drop the ball. It is no wonder that event professionals have the 5th most stressful jobs (after firefighters, airline pilots, and military personnel!).

So, how do you run a successful event rental business, keep your cool, and not lose your mind? Well, you’ve got to have systems in place to make managing your inventory and orders efficient. You also have to think about what you’ll do when disaster strikes (sad but true). But I think one ingredient we often overlook is gratitude.

In the midst of chaos, stress, and even crisis, asking “What am I grateful for?” can actually make you a happier person.

Wait, what?

It may seem a little woo-woo to talk about personal happiness and gratitude but there’s actually science behind it. Besides increasing your own happiness, practicing gratitude will make you a better boss, partner, and parent.

Yep. Gratitude is actually an antidote to worry, guilt, and shame. It also helps us feel closer to those around us. According to The Upward Spiral,

“The benefits of gratitude start with the dopamine system, because feeling grateful activates the brain stem region that produces dopamine. Additionally, gratitude toward others increases activity in social dopamine circuits, which makes social interactions more enjoyable …​”

Alex Korb, PhD

I’ve had gratitude on the brain a lot lately. Not only do I want to cultivate gratitude in my life to combat worry, stress, and guilt— I also just plain want to be a more grateful person. I want the people around me to know that I notice them, appreciate them, and value them. 

But that in itself can be tough, right? Sometimes I just don’t feel grateful. Especially when my dog dies, I step in a mud puddle, or I experience deep disappointment. I don’t feel like I can just flip the switch to making a list of things I’m thankful for. But there is grace even in that.

“I know, sometimes life lands a really mean punch in the gut and it feels like there’s nothing to be grateful for. Guess what?”


How freeing is to realize that I don’t have to fake it? I don’t have to pretend. Instead, taking the time to just search for things to be thankful for is beneficial.

In the midst of organizing your inventory, training your staff, late-night event strikes, and the stress of running your event rental business, may a practice of gratitude enrich your life.

We’d love to hear what you’re grateful for in your event rental business. Hop on over to Instagram and leave us a comment.

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