We love #EventProfs!

Where do event professionals turn in times of crisis?

“I’ve got your back. You’ve got mine. You don’t know when its going to flip,” she said. “So be kind all the time and it will pay dividends in the end.”

I was listening to an event rental business owner as she described the attitude she encourages among her team. I was so struck by her care for them and her encouragement that they care for one another. Camaraderie, teamwork, graciousness… these are characteristics I have found throughout my event industry career. I love the creative, passionate, fun-loving event professionals I’ve met and had the privilege to work alongside over the years. I genuinely love #EventProfs!

Since we love event professionals so much, we also love The SEARCH Foundation. They exist to help event professionals in their time of need.

In this month-o-Love, we’re working to raise awareness of and money for The SEARCH Foundation. Our industry is full of amazing and caring individuals and small businesses. The help that SEARCH provides when disaster strikes makes all the difference.

“Our priority is to make sure event, meetings and hospitality professionals know our industry community has their backs when they need help the most. When disaster strikes our brothers and sisters, we’ll be there to give them the vital financial assistance they need.”

The SEARCH Foundation

We’d love for you to join us in showing love for event professionals this month. Here are 3 ways to help:

1. Donate to The SEARCH Foundation. Even small donations from individuals help.

2. Help us raise awareness by posting on Instagram. Post an “I love #EventProfs” image or simply any image with a heart in it. Tell people about @searchfound, the work they’re doing for #EventProfs, and include the tag #RWHeartsSEARCH.

Between now and February 14, 2017, for every heart picture posted and tagged with #RWHeartsSEARCH, we’ll donate $5 to The SEARCH Foundation. We have some big giving goals so get posting! And tell your friends!

3. Do you know someone in the event, meeting, or hospitality industry who is suffering from a life-threatening illness or catastrophic occurrence? Point them to The SEARCH Foundation.

Can’t wait to see what we can all do together!

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