Tax Day Update!

Let us take some of the sting out of Tax Day by giving you more for your money over here at R.W. Elephant!

We’ve updated R.W. Elephant with some new features to make your life easier and easier. Check out these features and let us know what you think.


  • Longer Line Item Notes (up to 255 characters!!!)
  • Improved Invoice PDFs (that show these extra long Line Item Notes)
  • Improved Pull Ticket PDFs (that show the extra long Line Item Notes, your Internal Order Note, and display items sorted by Inventory Type)
  • Brand-New-Never-Been-Seen-Before Delivery Ticket PDFs (with Custom Text fields)
  • Item Duplication Feature (so you can clone your faves)
  • Custom Inventory Fields (so you can keep track of your item’s pet names or whatever your little heart desires)
  • Drag & Drop Inventory Type sorting (boss around those categories)
  • Payment Loophole Closure (never mistakenly record a credit card payment you meant to actually process again)
  • Matchy matchy required deposit amounts (if you say 10%, we say 10% …everywhere)

And don’t let your excitement wane…. we’ve got additional updates in the works as we speak! Keep your eyes peeled for even more features in the next few weeks.

As always, please keep the feature requests coming on our help forum. We love hearing how you’re using R.W. Elephant and how we can help make your event rental business more efficient, more profitable, and more fun!

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