Smart People I Learn From

I love the idea of reading business books. I buy them, download them, or borrow them. And then I remember how busy I am. I usually let them sit around for days, weeks, or years.

While I may not be able to tackle a lot of reading material these days, I find that blogs, email newsletters, and Instagram are a great way for me to learn, be inspired, and get perspective.


Short bits of info are easier for me to attend to and absorb these days. Blogs and white pages have the advantage of low-committment. I don’t have to have hours to pour over them but when I do have extra time, there are always more posts or pages to check out.

I’m grateful that smart people are sharing their wisdom in these accessible formats.

Here are a few of the people that I’ve been learning from recently:

Liene Stevens from Think Splendid

Michelle Loretta from Sage Wedding Pros

David Anderson from Recourses

Seth Godin

Who have you been learning from lately?

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