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It can be impossible to get out of your own head sometimes. You know you have challenges in your boutique event rental business and just “trying harder” isn’t solving the problem.

I’m on my way to NY right now (like as we speak right now) to stay at Wythe Hotel, meet with Patina Rentals, see Michelle Edgemont, and generally soak up the Brooklyn fabulousness while I plan Lend & Gather 2017 with the lovely ladies of Loot Vintage Rentals. I cannot wait to tell you all about it! In fact, I’m even going to try Instagram stories for the first time while I’m there so follow along!

In other news, have you seen the news? Niche Event Rental businesses are extending their reach. Want proof? Read this article from Special Events Magazine.

Want to expand your own reach? Then you must come to Lend & Gather: A Boutique Event Rental Conference. I’ll give you the three very best reasons I can think of:

1. What got you here may not be enough to get you where you want to go.

Let’s be honest, this is a low barrier-to-entry industry. Anyone can buy a couch on Craigslist, slap together a website and call themselves a rental company. But succeeding as a rental company, that is another story.

Lend & Gather is all about giving you the tools to improve your established niche event rental business. You’ve already done amazing things by starting and growing your business this far. But getting things to the next level, the next revenue tier, the next company goal, the next milestone is going to take a new set of skills and abilities. It hasn’t been a problem up till now that you don’t already possess these skills. What you have got you pretty far already. But relying on the same-old same-old can inhibit your personal and company growth.

We created Lend & Gather as a opportunity for you to get the input, training, direction, and inspiration you need to get from where you are now to where you want to be in the next phase of your rental adventure. You can’t do it on your own so Lend & Gather is here to help.

2. Improving just a little bit in one area can make a huge difference to your bottom line and your sanity.

It can be impossible to get out of your own head sometimes. You know you have challenges in your boutique event rental business and just “trying harder” isn’t solving the problem. Instead of continuing to spin your wheels, get the outside ideas, solutions, best practices, and advice that can make all the difference. Even making small tweaks to your operations, sales process, hiring practices, or workflow can reap huge dividends.

We don’t think you need to overhaul the whole system. But having your eyes open to new possibilities even in the smallest ways can be transformative.

3. Differentiating your company is absolutely essential for long-term survival and thriving.

Whether there is a new rental outfit opening down the street or you’ve been fighting tooth-and-nail for every job you’ve booked so far, competition is real, people. You can spend a lot of time and energy hedging against every fly-by-night rental newbie that comes to town or you can invest in yourself. Spending time and resources to improve your game, make better choices, and be more informed has much higher returns than playing defense.

The very best niche rental companies I know are far more concerned with their own product mix, their own brand, their own efficiencies, their own goals, and their own teams than they are with anyone else. They thrive because they are busy getting their own house in order. They are confident. They make choices that are in the best interest of their business, not as a result of outside threats or influences. They have a competitive advantage because they invest in themselves.

This kind of security creates differentiation that lasts the test of time.

I want you to have all of these skills, advantages, and security in your specialty event rental business and in your life. They don’t come easy or cheap but they are so very worth it. I hope you see that you and your business are worth the investment.

Will you join me at Lend & Gather this August?

Yes! I'm ready to invest in the growth of my event rental business.

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