Credit Card Security For Rental Businesses

In today’s economy, accepting credit cards is second nature. Nowadays you can even pay for a Craigslist purchase with your plastic so your customers will certainly expect to be able to pay for their event rentals with a credit card.

While accepting credit cards at your event rental business may be a no-brainer, doing so securely takes some work. As a merchant, you are responsible for the security of your customers’ sensitive credit card information. This includes card readers, point-of-sale systems, store networks & wireless access routers, payment card data storage & transmission as well as payment card data stored in paper-based records.

Credit Card

As a rental business, accepting credit cards is essential for gaining and maintaining business but it also opens you up to liability you may not be prepared for. Fines, penalties, lawsuits, and tremendous costs can be associated with data breach in small businesses. In order to avoid these potentially costly issues, merchants accepting credit cards should become PCICompliant.

PCI compliance standards vary by business size so every business should review the PCI Security Standards and perform a Self Assessment test to make sure they are up to snuff.

Fortunately, R.W. Elephant users who use integrated payment processing through Stripe within their account, are already PCI compliant.

Here are some ways we keep your customers’ data safe & sound:

  • All of the credit card information is encrypted and securely transmitted to our credit card processor.
  • We don’t ever store the credit card numbers. In fact, our servers never even have access to the credit card numbers.
  • Our credit card processor uses industry-standard best practices to keep all data safe.
  • We use industry-standard SSL so that customers know they are connecting to R.W. Elephant when they enter their payment information.

Event rental businesses could be vulnerable to data thieves without even knowing it. In order to protect themselves and their clients, attending to PCI compliance should be a top priority.

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