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March 2013 New Features: Biggest Update Yet!

Over the weekend, we installed the largest update to RW Elephant to date. Hip hip hooray!

[Cue fireworks!]

Here’s what you’ll notice:

1. Inventory Items now track quantity by Quantity Change Events. That means that you can remove an item from your available inventory for the future without having to delete it from past orders. To learn more about how to remove items, watch this video. You’ll also need to relearn how to enter quantities for new Inventory Items.

2. We’ve added Discounts and Percentage Fees. These fancy new fees will allow you to offer flat-rate discounts or percentage-based discounts as well as percentage-based fees. Learn how they work right away

3. Date fields within the Orders section are now more intelligent. You’ll be able to enter dates in a variety of formats so pick what works best for your workflow. We’ve also integrated the month, date, and year fields into one so you’ll have to hit the tab key less often. 

4. For those of you interested in using our newly released WordPress plugin, you’ll find your API Key displayed in your Company Info tab of your Account section.

5. We’ve improved performance for thumbnails and photos. That means they’ll load much faster. 

6. A bunch of under-the-hood fixes that will make future updates easier for you to access. You’ll get changes without extra steps or missing any details. 

7. R.W. also got a bit of a facelift. We tweaked the look just a little bit to keep things fresh. 

In order to get all these great new features, you’ll need to refresh your browser when you arrive at your R.W. Elephant login page. No need to clear your cache or anything. 

We can’t wait to hear your thoughts about these new features. As always, if you have questions, problems, complaints, or praise, send an email on over to help@rwelephant.com. We’ll get back to you on the double!

Happy Renting!
Your Friends at R.W. Elephant