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Make Room for Volume + Unlimited Images + All-New WordPress Plugin

We're thrilled to introduce some new features to our fabulous community today! Check out what we've been working hard to bring you!

Updates are here! Woohoo!


You can now keep track of your Items’ Volume within RW Elephant. Knowing how much space an Item takes up when it is being stored or while it is in transport can make all the difference in your delivery planning. 

Use this new field to indicate how much space your couches need in your trucks and how big dishes really are when they’re crated. You’ll be able to see this info right away on some of our Reports but we’ve got some even more exciting info coming later this year…. We’ll start showing you total Volume for all of your Orders! 

So hop to it! Grab that tape measure and start inputting those cubic feet. Because RW can’t wait to make your delivery planning better than ever!

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We’ve got some new indicators that go hand-in-hand with the Volume field above. In addition to letting R-dubs know how much room something takes up, you’ll be able to tell him whether or not your Items can stack to the sky as well. 

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We could look at your collections all day. And we guess your customers could too. 

That’s why we’re now offering UNLIMITED Item Images for all of our Herd Leaders. That’s right. Unlimited. As in No Limits. 

Want your customers to see the front, back, side, profile, top, bottom, inside, outside, solo, group shot, action shot, head shot, and in-use pic of that new sofa? No prob.

We’ve rearranged the way images work for all of our users in order to make this multi-image magic happen so you’ll want to check out how things have changed.

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Our All-New RW Elephant WordPress Plugin will be available later this week and we just couldn’t wait to tell you about it! With this plugin, you’ll be able to easily display your Rental Inventory Collection on your own WordPress-based website with style, ease, and loads of functionality. Show off your collection, let your customers add Items to their Wishlist, and even host your own Payment Pages for a seamless branded experience. 

This improved version of our Plugin continues to allow you to create a layout and style for your gallery that fits with your brand and personality. In addition, we’ve included more layout options, thumbnail styling, a templating engine (complete with Actions and Filters), an improved Wishlist submission form builder, and an optional integrated Payment Page. 

When it hits the WordPress Plugin Directory, we’ll update you right away!

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